Fortress detector makes it easy as pie

Frozen food wholesaler Freshpack is benefiting from a new Fortress in-foil metal detector, after it built a new production line at its Stoke-on-Trent factory.

The metal detection system, with a ferrous in-foil inspection facility and checkweigher, was required because the new product line processed pies that were sealed in more than one type of packaging, with some in aluminium foil trays and others in plastic containers. The Phantom In-Foil Metal Detector is able to differentiate between metal contaminants and ferrous metals, such as iron and mild steel, contained in foil packaging, whereas other detectors would have incorrectly picked up the metal tray as being the contaminant, it is claimed.

On Freshpack's pie production line, the In-Foil Metal Detector is installed just after the packaging process and operates at 32 packs per minute.

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