Systems Integration launch software to help processors

Systems Integration (SI) has launched its new integreater brand, a software and hardware modular programme that can interface with existing production systems and third-party programmes to minimise business upheaval and cost.

The brand is claimed to enable food processors to develop the business-critical reas of production control, planning and management, customer relationships and performance and improvements. SI CEO Rob Stephens said: "SI's new brand is designed to reflect our technology's ability to integrate with businesses to maximise their unique competitive advantage, by providing relevant, meaningful and up-to-the-minute information. Integreater ensures that food producers have the knowledge and visibility to adapt their processes to improve efficiency, accuracy and traceability. In an industry with notoriously tight operating and profit margins, this is becoming increasingly important."

The brand enables food producers to analyse profit and loss for each individual customer and product, allowing them to plan effectively to improve their business's profitability, said the firm.

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