Could we not all work together?

Once again the industry is facing the spectre of spiralling feed costs, as reported in your journal (20/8), but let's hope this time the industry will not be caught once more on the hop.

Previous spikes in the cost of raw materials has seen retailers and processors remain stoic, while producers scramble to cover the cost, often failing.

These things rarely come as a surprise, with future problems frequently flagged up some time in advance, so surely it's a matter of planning effectively and ensuring collaboration up and down the chain to minimise the impact such situations create.

Of course, I may be naïve, but by working together, and each taking a share of the responsibility, the end result could be of benefit to everyone, with limited impact on the end-consumer.

But then, perhaps I'm an idealist, and the concept of "working together" is probably something that provokes hollow laughter in most suppliers.

Who knows, though? I'm an optimist and prefer to think that maybe, this time, things will be different.

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