Eblex to launch Malta show with top UK processors

Eblex is to launch a first major trade show in Malta next year, with top UK processors likely to attend.

Along with the British Exporters' Association, Eblex will be aiming to attract around 20-40 exhibitors in March, with dry goods as well as meat on display.

According to Jean-Pierre Garnier: "The Maltese speak English, they are pro-English – they even like Marmite – so it seemed sensible to promote ourselves there. It's not a vast market, but there is excellent room for growth."

The organisation is also looking to open the Bulgarian market, starting with sales of sheep offal. "There is major potential there, although not in premium products," said Garnier.

Eblex has just launched a campaign marketing English lamb in Belgium, using Michelin-starred chef Johan Segers of 't Fornuis restaurant in Antwerp and editor of Belgian culinary magazine 'Ambiance' Dirk De Prins.

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