Kuwaiti ruling could open up UK meat exports

A decision made at a recent halal conference in Kuwait could have positive benefits in exporting opportunities for halal meat suppliers in the UK.

Agreements made at the Halal Industry & Halal Services Conference held in Salmiyah, Kuwait, in conjunction with standards body the GCC Standardisation Organisation, has advocated the use of hand slaughtering when performing religious slaughter over machine slaughter and recommends applying caution with the use of stunning methods as much as possible.

The ruling opens up the possibility for UK halal meat processors, who do not uses machinery to slaughter animals, to export to the Middle East to countries that forbid machine slaughter.

Naved Syed, managing director of Kingswinford-based Janan Meat, said: “With the GCC and Kuwait agreeing to a common standard for halal, it will allow the UK to export halal meat to the Middle East. Some of the credit must be given to the Food Standards Agency for issuing the guidance for halal, which is in line with the Middle East’s policy of hand-slaughter for halal meat.”

The FSA recently re-issued its halal food issues guidelines to food enforcement officers.

Delegates at the conference also agreed financial support for scientific research centres and universities to conduct research on ways to detect prohibited materials in food classed as halal.

The conference included the support of the Muslim Council of Britain and involved speakers from the UK.

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