Feasters moves into sausages

Microwave snack brand Feasters is launching itself into the competitive fresh sausage market.

The new Feasters sausages will be available exclusively from Asda from 26 April, at an initial promotional price of £1 per pack. It will then go full-shelf in the branded sausage category, taking on the might of Walls and Richmond.

The sausages will come in two pack sizes – eight pork sausages or 12 thin pork sausages – and will be sold under the slogan ‘Feast your eyes on the new sausage in town...’

The Feasters brand has been owned by Anglo Beef Processors (ABP) since 2005. In recent years it has expanded its range of microwaveable beef and chicken burgers and now includes jacket potatoes and fish finger sandwiches, but this is its first venture into fresh foods.

Michael Budd, ABP marketing manager said: “Feasters has always been an everyman product. We’re trying to bring good-quality products at affordable prices to mass-market appeal.”

Product development is already under way to extend the range of sausanges into traditional Cumberland and Lincolnshire flavours.


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