Bpex appoints new research head

Bpex has confirmed that its former veterinary programme manager Derek Armstrong will be the new head of research and development. He was already acting head since the departure of Mike Varley last July.

Bpex director Mick Sloyan said: Derek is a valuable member of the team with a wide range of knowledge about the industry.

Armstrong said: Research and development is very important in any industry and the focus for Bpex will be on delivering the work that helps pig farmers in England to compete effectively with pig producers internationally.

I look forward to working with producers, processors and the wider supply chain to identify the priorities for research and development and finding practical solutions.

A veterinary surgeon, Armstrong joined Bpexs meat and livestock commission in 1998, after working at the Veterinary Research Laboratories in Northern Ireland and in general veterinary practice in Ireland and New Zealand.

He is a member of the Board of the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture and of the Pig Health and Welfare Council, and was president of the Pig Veterinary Society between 2008 and 2009.

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