Licence to kill

The Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) is to run a one-day training course, on 15 November 2006, for small producers looking to gain their poultry slaughter licence.

The course is 75% funded under the England Rural Development Programme, enabling costs to delegates to be held at £55 per person.

Participants will receive a half-day classroom-style training session on the welfare of birds during the capture, transport and slaughter process. This will be followed by a half-day practical session during which delegates will be assessed, following a demonstration of the equipment, by a veterinary officer from the State Veterinary Service on the practical use of hand-held electrical stunning equipment and the Cash Poultry Killer.

Participants who pass the assessment can then obtain a full poultry slaughter licence from the Meat Hygiene Service.

For further info contact HSA on 01582 831919.

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