Dawn Meats works with levy boards

Dawn Meats is to work with levy boards in England and Scotland to improve the utilisation of grass on its producers’ farms.

According to Dawn Meats, in a climate of rising input costs, grass should be looked upon more, as it is one of the cheapest sources of animal feed. The company is looking at a way to minimise input costs within its supply base by focusing on grass for a more sustainable future.

Producers involved with the project will be measuring and monitoring the growth of grass throughout next year’s growing season by using specialist measuring tools and techniques. Results from each farm will be monitored and expert advice will be given to help maximise the utilisation of grass on each farm. Dawn Meats said this will enable producers to benefit from increased feed efficiency from grass and potentially help to reduce reliance on purchased concentrate feeds.

Dawn Meats agricultural manager Sarah Long said: “Dawn Meats is delighted to announce this project to highlight the opportunities to maximise the benefits of grass management. We will be working closely with our partner producers and the levy boards to develop this project throughout 2013. We look forward to the results and sharing these across our supply base in due course.”

Northern senior regional manager for Eblex Clive Brown explained that Eblex had also been working on the efficient utilisation of grass for some time and was very pleased to have the opportunity to work with a major processor such as Dawn Meats.

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