Pork Farms introduces Bangers ’N’ Hash

Chilled and savoury pastry products producer Pork Farms has launched Bangers ’N’ Hash.

Retail chillers up and down the country will play host to packs of sausages wrapped in hash browns, priced at £1.49 for a pack of four.

They take just 12 minutes to cook in the oven and have been targeted at busy families, “a convenient meal centre, perfect for mid-week tea times or an in-home snack”, the company said.

Pork Farms managing director Chris Peters said: “We’re excited to be adding Bangers ’N’ Hash to our product portfolio. It’s something a bit different and there’s nothing else like this product on the market at present. When we conducted our consumer taste test panels, Bangers ’N’ Hash was greeted with great excitement – hopefully we’ll see a repeat of this when it hits supermarket shelves later this month.”


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