UK pig numbers on the rise
Published:  22 October, 2013

The number of pigs in the UK increased by 8.2% this year, Department for the Environment, Food and Rural (Defra) figures have revealed.

According to the statistics, the total number of pigs in the UK increased between 2012 and 2013 from 4.5m to 4.8m. According to the National Pig Association (NPA), the increase was down to a 9.4% rise in the number of fattening pigs, which rose to 4.3m in 2013.

However, the largest increase in pig numbers was seen in smaller fattening pigs, which saw numbers rise to 15% for pigs weighing less than 20kg. Meanwhile, fattening pigs weighing 20kg and over increased in numbers by 7%.

Fattening pigs in England accounted for 84% of all UK ‘fatteners’, the figures showed, which was an increase of 13% in 2013.

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