An energy-saving gadget that cuts the cost of running fridges and freezers is now available to buy on the internet. The E-cube is made in Britain and works by assessing the air temperature inside fridges and freezers. The size of a three-pin plug, the E-cube fits to the thermostat of a refrigeration unit. Normally, it is the air temperature rather than the food temperature that is assessed and, as air warms and cools more rapidly than food, the appliance has to work hard, switching on and off around 12 times an hour. By fitting an E-cube, the thermostat measures the temperature of a piece of wax 'food' inside the cube instead of the air, and reduces the on/off cycles to around four per hour.

The makers said around 10,000 have been sold so far.

UK distributor Flexi Freeze launched internet sales of the E-cube from its website,, on 2 April. Each E-cube costs £35 plus VAT.

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