Launch of the National Livestock Markets Roadshow

A series of 80 Defra livestock markets has begun in Highbridge, Somerset, at the start of a roadshow that will cover towns across England throughout 2007.

The livestock markets roadshow aims to speak to farmers about biosecurity, diseases and many other animal health and welfare issues.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness of existing legislation and to impress upon farmers the need to implement best practice to prevent disease outbreaks and the damage they cause to the farming industry.

Ben Bradshaw, minister for animal Health and welfare, said: "The livestock markets roadshow is an excellent opportunity for us to spread the word on best practice and animal welfare requirements to the farming community.

"Of course the majority of farmers will be law-abiding and looking after their animals properly, but there is always room for improvement and the livestock markets roadshow will help to remind farmers of their obligations while offering practical support and advice."

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