Sainsbury's exposes food trends

New food trends revealed in research from Sainsbury's shows that Welsh cooks are most likely to opt for frozen meat and fish during the weekly shop, while those living in the north east of England will tend to buy the most fresh meat (88%).

Meanwhile almost half the Scottish population (48%) purchase beef each week, and two thirds (66%) buy chicken in supermarkets.

Sainsbury's conducted the largest probe of its kind, spanning customers of all supermarkets, to get a picture of the typical weekly shopping basket around the country. While people in Wales bought a similar number of items to the rest of the country each week (an average of 41 compared to national average of 42), their choice of items varied.

The north east of England is the bacon capital of England according to the research, with people in the Tyne Tees consuming the most bacon, gammon and sausages each week - around 33% more than the average shopper.

People living in the south west bought the most pork (33%) and those living in Lancashire bought the most lamb (27%).

Beth Flower, Sainsbury's nutritionist said: "When it comes to meat and fish, people in Wales may want to consider upping their fresh intake to ensure they are getting the best possible nutrients and steering clear of battered and processed versions.

"Our food trends research shows that across the UK people have different food tastes - something that is demonstrated by the differences in what people put in their shopping trolleys. As such we are keen to tailor our food range to the taste buds of each region. Our UK-wide research suggests there is no such thing as an average UK shopping basket."

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