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DSM Food Specialities has launched a new product which it claims will offer meat manufacturers more effective protection against mould and yeasts.

The product, Premi®Coat L, is approved for use in the EU and is a patented mix of Delvocid® and thickening agents.

It prevents the growth of harmful mould and yeast by guaranteeing the even distribution of natamycin on meat products.

Natamycin is an agent that prevents the growth of fungi, which is used in cheese and meat production and is the active ingrediant in Delvocid.

When natamycin is applied to a product such as a sausage, it is not always thick and sticky enough to cover the entire surface. This leaves some areas of the sausage uncovered and susceptible to mould growth.

DSM claim that the thickening agents in Premi®Coat L improve the distribution of natacymin on the whole product, thus reducing commercial loss through fungal spoilage.

"PremiCoat L is a ground-breaking product for the meat industry. It provides greater protection against mould and yeast formation and can reduce the amount of natamycin needed." said Thomas Eiting of DSM Food Specialties.

"What's more, it is ready to use in liquid or concentrate form. Each formulation can also be tailor made to meet individual manufacturing requirements."

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