15 chefs enjoy a day out

Jamie Oliver's trainee chefs from Fifteen in Cornwall were treated to a day out at the Cornish Pig Company, learning about sausage and burger making.

The 18 young chefs had a tour of the company, based at Tresorn Farm in Bissoe, where they saw how the Large Black pigs, a Cornish rare-breed, are reared. They then made sausages out of their meat, and later took part in a pork burger-making competition, in which the students tested their own recipes.

The burgers were barbecued and the winner was judged by the Cornish Pig Company's owners Karen and Nick Stickings, as well as Fifteen's training and development chef Fiona Were and personal development co-ordinator Jodi Redgrove.

The winner was Damon Murray (pictured) who made a cheeseburger with a twist, by encasing stilton in the pork mince, which produced a burger with a melting centre. The recipe also contained apple, leak, onion and herbs. Damon's winning burger will be incorporated into the Cornish Pig Company's tea room menu.

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