Sainsburys focuses on own-label brands
Published:  03 October, 2008

Sainsbury's is pushing its own-label brands and also enlarging its value range of products to attract the growing number of price-conscious customers.

A relaunch of Sainsbury's main own-brand range in the autumn may encourage shoppers to switch from household-recognised brand names to Sainsbury's own-label range. An early trial on own-label baked beans yielded sales up nearly 18% and own-label tomato ketchup is up nearly 16%.

Analysts reckon this is a reaction against the major price-cutting campaigns in the run-up to Christmas by Tesco and Asda. Both have announced price cuts worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Tesco also announced the launch of a new discounted price range of 350 products while Asda has announced over 5,000 price cuts.

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