HSA releases its first training DVD
Published:  21 July, 2006

The launch of a new training DVD about poultry welfare by the Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) took place at a British Veterinary Association reception held in London.

Poultry Welfare - Taking Responsibility is the first training DVD produced by the HSA that focuses on poultry and covers broilers, hens, turkeys, ducks, geese and quail.

Together with an accompanying booklet, it provides comprehensive practical welfare guidance to catching teams, transport drivers,

lairage workers and all those

involved with the welfare of poultry at slaughter.

Members of the industry and

retailers were on hand to hear a presentation by HSA staff on how the package can be used to improve the lot of poultry at slaughter.

The reception also provided the chance to publicise the first HSA Welfare of Poultry During Catching Award - aimed at recognising and promoting improvements during on-farm catching of birds for slaughter.

"It is potentially a very stressful time and birds are extremely vulnerable to injury and suffering if catching and handling are not well done," said HSA technical officer Natalie Simmonds.

"It can also have a significant economic effect on quality and productivity. The HSA wants to recognise the importance of

catching and efforts to improve welfare at this point," she said.

Stephen Lister, poultry veterinarian and farm animal welfare council member, presented the 2005 Award on behalf of the HSA to Susan Groocock and Ivan

Taylor of Taylor's Poultry Services, based in Sutton-in-Ashfield.

The pair received a plaque and £1,000 towards further initia-tives to improve bird welfare

during catching.

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