Media reportage of "swine flu" could threaten markets

CLITRAVI, the European Association for the Meat Processing Industry, is concerned that misleading media reportage of the A/H1N1 influenza outbreak could damage the pigmeat industry.

CLITRAVI welcomed the European Commission decision that no trade restrictions on pigmeat would be necessary and praised the EC for treating the epidemic as a human health issue and not an animal disease outbreak.

However, the association noted that a number of governments across the globe areconsidering tightening rules on pigmeat imports, despite health officials insisting that pigmeat and processed pigmeat products are safe for consumption.

CLITRAVI said that it is seriously concerned that new coverage on the issue is damaging the image of pigmeat consumption.

Pointing to the World Organisation for Animal Healths (OIE) statement that it is not justified to name this disease swine influenza", CLITRAVI called on international organisations and the media to abandon the term swine flu and refer to the disease as A/H1N1 influenza or North-American influenza, as suggested by the OIE.

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