EBLEX launches online pricing tool
Published:  30 April, 2009

EBLEX has launched an online tool to help abattoir owners, butchers and meat buyers correctly price products and maintain margins.

The EBLEX price calculator, which is available at www.eblexretail.co.uk, will enable users to establish a selling price for a wide range of products, based on the gross profit margin required by the business.

The price calculator has been devised to calculate costings for carcasses, primal cuts, retail cuts, added value products and processed products.

Dick van Leeuwen, master butcher and retail project manager for EBLEX, said: “This is a fantastic tool to help the trade quickly and simply work out selling prices, taking into account costs and required profit margins.

“It is easy to use and returns calculations in moments. Simply click on the relevant calculator, whether it’s for a product or carcase costing, and input the variables such as cut weight, cost and target margins.

“An accurate sale price to achieve the required return will then be generated. Calculations can also be printed for easy reference later on.”

The site also features a section providing yield information and costings at a glance. These are split into sections, comparing yield by cutting as well as cut yields by cooking method.

Dick continued: “Correct pricing is crucial for butchers and meat buyers to maintain profitability in the current economic climate and the costing calculator is a quick and easy way to work out prices that will effectively achieve targets.

"Of course, different butchery methods will impact results but this is all usefully referenced in the yield information section.”

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