Girl claims KFC caused brain damage

Kentucky Fried Chicken is being sued by an 11-year-old Australian girl, who claims that she developed brain damage after eating a contaminated chicken twister.

Mokika Sumaan allegedly developed salmonella encephalopathy and salmonella septicaemia brain damage after eating the chicken meal at a KFC restaurant in Villawood, Sydney.

She is now confined to a wheelchair with spastic quadriplegia and is suing the restaurant for Aus$10m (5m), claiming that her condition is a direct result of eating contaminated chicken.

According to a report in The Times, an Australian court head that Sumaan became ill with vomiting and diarrhoea a day after eating the product. Her parents and brother, who shared the meal, also became ill as did another 10 people who ate at the Villawood branch.

The familys lawyer Anthony Bartley SC said there was no doubt that salmonella had left her in the physical condition that she is now in, and little or no doubt that chicken was at the source of that salmonella.

He said that the girl was a victim of disturbing and unsettling practices at the restaurant, which had scored badly in internal audits on food preparation and handling in the months before the incident.

The hearing continues.

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