Norman Bagley

A roller coaster of a year

Whod be a pollster after whats happened in 2016?

Pigs in truck

Save Brigade: You cannot be serious

If youre an FBO carrying out your daily business you could be forgiven for not understanding my headline. Bear with me.

Don't fall for silly season this summer

Norman BagleyThis silly seasons story award has to go to the writers of a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and reported in The Times.

Brexit: A shout for going out

So we are nearly there, the big vote after months of lies and tosh on both sides. From my own personal point of view I'm an outer as rightly or wrongly I consider the whole EU construct to be nothing more than a virtual tyranny without the arms.

Discussing costs at the SAMW conference

I always enjoy going to the SAMW conference each year, not just for the whisky, the presentations aren't bad either! It was interesting last week to glean that competition is emerging between Food Standard Scotland and Aviation House on cost of meat inspection, nearly 10 years after Tierney recommended competition to be a key requirement for change to the FSA Board.

AIMS urges higher value beef focus

In a response to the National Beef Associations assertion that beef prices have reached a five-year low (, 11 April), Norman, Bagley, head of policy at the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (AIMS), disagrees and argues that a shift in focus to higher-value areas of the market is the necessary course of action:

Horsegate - the considered view of the AIMS Board of Directors

Norman BagleyThe sorry saga of Horsegate may now have staggered to a conclusion.Farmbox pleaded guiltytohaving goat trim and other low value remnants labelled as mutton or lamb trim. None of this product had been sold as such and it had already been identified by the plant as incorrectly labelled and put aside. Enquiries demonstrated that, at that time, not a single plant in the UKdistinguished small volumes of goat from mutton.

Campylobacter after the storm

norman bagleyI get the impression that, before releasing the campylobacter poultry meat supermarket statistics to an expectant world, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) looked over the parapet and had a slight change of heart. It was as if it had suddenly realised that it was set up to prevent food scares by scientifically assessing and communicating food-related risks, not to start hares running.

A shot in the foot?

norman bagleyWell, well, how to misjudge the public mood! Unison, having spent weeks scaremongering the public about threats to public health by those awful abattoirs who would knowingly ignore oceans of contamination on carcases now look as if they have shot themselves and their members slap bang in the foot.

A lot of hot air on beef

norman bagleyWell, guys and dolls, you know you have really arrived when youve been invited along with the great and the good (and the less good - meaning me) by the Minister to no less than two hours in London, expelling hot air about how to save the beef industry from its present malaise.

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