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Shifting alliances in the global shipping sector

The international shipping sector is to see some major changes in the coming weeks with new alliances emerging.

Overcapacity is taking its toll

Rob Shelly of Maritime Cargo Services looks at overcapacity and its impact on the global shipping industry.

The inevitable conclusion of low rates

As August came to its close, the world's seventh largest - and South Korea's biggest - container shipping line, Hanjin Shipping, filed for court receivership, consumed by mounting debt schedules with creditors and increasing industry overcapacity.

No need to panic over Brexit just yet

Rob ShelleySince Britain voted to leave the EU, a tsunami of panic has been unleashed, with politicians and commentators mixing spin, opportunism, mis-information and occasional facts to nourish the national unease. Its easy to forget we have only voted to leave the governing machine of the EU, yet otherwise we remain part of Europe.

What will be the trade impact of a Brexit?

Rob Shelley discusses the impact of the EU referendum on the shipping industry.

Overcrowding in the shipping industry

A recent survey by global shipping data source Alphaliner has revealed that, of the 16 main carriers which published financial results for 2015, just half recorded operating profits in the face of challenging market conditions. On closer inspection, their average operating margin was just 0.3%.

Disruptions in the meat industry

Rob ShelleyCast your mind back to summer 2015. Operation Stack saw 6,000 trucks jammed in a 35-mile queue on the M20 in Kent for many hours each day.The Freight Transport Association (FTA) estimated the daily cost to be 750,000 as HGVs idled and the UK supply chain suffered.

Meat shipping isnt for the faint-hearted

Rob ShelleyWith an impressive 50% growth in the global meat trade over the past 10 years, meat shippers may have been thinking that Christmas was never-ending. Yet the past three years have witnessed a slowing of the meat trade rate to less than half the growth previously experienced.

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