Eblex manager highlights fifth-quarter benefits

Phil Hadley, senior regional manager at Eblex, has pointed to the economic and ecological benefits of fifth-quarter products in meatinfo.co.uk’s latest blog post.

Hadley reported that more fifth-quarter products were being used for human consumption and biofuel than in previous years. He wrote: “Anecdotally, figures have shown that the average percentage by weight of a live bovine animal being consumed by humans has increased from around 38% in 2006 to 48% in 2012. During the same period, the average percentage of a sheep or lamb being consumed rose from 46% to 53% of the live weight of an animal.

“Since 2006, the percentage of product being sent as Category 3 ABP for use as biofuel and pharmaceuticals, for example, has also increased to approximately 20% for cattle and sheep, rather than being rendered as Category 1 ABP.”

Hadley also shone a light on how demand for fifth-quarter products was growing in foreign export markets, highlighting non-EU trade which accounted for 30% of all exports.

>> Read Hadley’s full blog post

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