Pig Industry Professional Register to get re-examined

The Pig Industry Professional Register (PIPR) is set to undergo a major consultation to focus on the functionality the service provides, as well as its day-to-day running and the value it offers its members. 

After being established in 2007, the organisation has seen a steady growth in membership.

“Once we had talked to a number of people in the industry, a review meeting was held,” said Sam Bowsher, skills development coordinator at the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) pork sector. Bowsher has also organised the review.

“From that, the suggestions were distilled into a series of proposals on which we now intend to consult the whole industry.”

Areas this includes are: looking at the training record; registration of events; capturing points for events that are not PIPR registered; and consolidated invoicing for firms signing up a large number of members.

“The consultation is all laid out in a very logical way, which should encourage many more people to take part,” added Bowsher.

The consultation is open until Friday 1 April. Anybody wishing to take park can do so by following this link http://pork.ahdb.org.uk/media/74916/pipr-consultation-documentfinal.pdf

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